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we'll talk about that coming up and let you know if it's going as to be a dry weekend too. >> we're getting a check of traffic. not much commuter traffic out there this morning. a lot of, may be doing black friday shopping so here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. super light heading into san francisco. we'll have more coming up. developing news right now. israeli troops killed a palestinian man and wounded nine others today along its border with gaza. it's the first sign of violence since israel and hamas agreed to a cease-fire but it appears to be an isolated incident. here's susan mcginnis with more on how both sides are trying to get back to normal. reporter: two border crossings between gaza and egypt are open again. palestinians forced to remain in gaza when the fighting broke out can return to jobs and families abroad. travel restrictions into israel are also expected to ease. [ non-english language ]
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>> reporter: this man says, thank god for the first time we have victory and we make the rules. but the israelis are also claiming victory following the deadly eight-day conflict with hamas. hamas promised it would stop firing rockets into israel saving israel from having to launch a ground war. one israeli commander warns, though, his troops will be ready if needed. >> gaza will be a quiet place. if the terror organizations will reoperate from gaza, the future is war. >> reporter: president obama stood by israel during the fighting and still does. his administration is now planning to ask congress to increase funding for israel's missile defense system. the iron dome system intercepted more than 80% of the hamas rockets. israel has a man in custody suspected of planting a bomb on a tel aviv bus that wounded 15. a police spokesman says the
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israeli arab is a member of hamas. more arrests are expected. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. many retailers and shoppers are hitting the bargains earlier every year. >> whoo! >> this is one of the busiest target stores in san jose where shoppers entered in groups of 30. big ticket items like flat screen tvs were on the top of a lot of shopping lists but the first shopper in the door says she is not making this a holiday tradition. >> was it worth it? >> i don't know. is it? >> not really. i would never do it again. >> reporter: why not? >> because i can probably get this deal online faster and not deal with the crowd. >> reporter: you're learning a valuable black friday lesson? >> yes, i am. >> i venture to say a lot of people probably learned that lesson. the national retail federation expects holiday sales this year
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to top $586 billion. >> one major retail chain is bucking the trend. cbs 5 report elissa harrington is in front of j.c. penney. they are still not open. reporter: if you look around this mall every other store is even the food places. i saw subway open, people getting sandwiches. but j.c. penney still closed also open at 6 a.m. this morning and the reason for that is because the retail chain is trying to set itself apart from other stores. they say they are all about low prices every day, not just black friday. but they will be having a sale this weekend. their only sale of the year. i found some people. you're waiting in your car for j.c. penney to open? >> yes. we have been up since 12. >> reporter: what do you think about j.c. penney opening later than all the other stores? >> my auntie is kind of upset because like it's different and like by the time it's 6:00, people are going to be like dead tired and, you know, ready for bed and my auntie like they are probably not going to have enough money
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because they spent it all. so yeah. >> reporter: j.c. penney says they are all about low prices every day not just black friday. have you noticed that shopping there? >> yes, i have actually. but i feel like it's a little hard looking for clothes, yeah, since there are so many low prices and yeah. >> reporter: well, stay warm in the car there. i want to point out that j.c. penney posted a $123 million loss last quarter with a 26% drop in sales and just from what we're seeing here, no long lines out the door. people of course waiting in their cars here but most people shopping at the other stores. so we will wait to see what happens this black friday if they post any profits. we'll be waiting on those numbers. elissa harrington, cbs 5. we have less than 24 hours left on black friday and now more people are looking forward to cyber monday. for tips on how to save online, just go to our are you a die-hard shopper? >> no. i wait until the 24th. you know. probably around noon.
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>> there are lots of lines on the 24th, too. shoppers at some bay area walmart stores will find picket lines today. >> walmart workers are not unionized but they are getting help from unions. this walmart in san leandro is one of four bay area stores where picketers plan to protest today. they also picketed last night prompting a manager to order them off the property. >> this is private property and we are asking you and your group to leave. >> no. >> california law gives us the right to talk to customers in front of stores. >> if you don't leave, we will get the police involved. >> organizers are calling for walmart to improve employee wages and working conditions. other walmarts targeted today include the richmond and fairfield stores as well as the story road location in east san jose. time now 4:36. let's check weather with lawrence. are you still stuffed from yesterday? >> now, my suits are feeling
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funny. [ laughter ] >> wow! but it was good. it was worth it. going to have to work some of that off today. out the door lots of sunshine again today and some mild temperatures by the afternoon. high pressure now sliding in over us. occasionally we'll see a few high clouds and patchy fog in the valleys. otherwise looking good sailing in toward the afternoon. temperatures out the door, plan on doing a little shopping, a little chilly in spots down into the low 40s inland. 41 santa rosa, 44 san jose, 50 san francisco. by the afternoon, we have plenty of sunshine in the forecast. temperatures up in the 60s. maybe even some low 70s. will that weather hold for the weekend? we'll check it out in a bit. let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> there's not much traffic news. things are super like on this black friday and we have one minor problem that sounds like a traffic light partially fell and it's blocking that off-ramp
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to milpitas northbound 680 at landis. may be blocking the slow lane. we put up a live drive time sensor not seeing much on northbound 680. this is one of the only things in the chp reports now. otherwise 880/237 milpitas, silicon valley commute looks good so far. a couple of headlights there on westbound 237. golden gate bridge looks good as well pretty much all of your bridges moving at top speeds. we know a lot of folks will be headed to area malls this morning and throughout the day. paragon outlet we are going to be closely watching through the livermore valley. so far, so good though on westbound 580. that is "timesaver traffic." back to you guys. >> thank you. fire captain suffered minor injuries at a three-alarm fire in san jose over night. le the fire at the kimberly woods apartments on willow leaf drive started around 8:30 and went to three alarms. the fire captain was hurt after he went inside the building and the roof started to cave in.
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the fire forced 18 residents out of 6 union. >> this is one heck of a thanksgiving, huh? >> yes. but, you know, looking at the good side my family is okay and we're thankful. it's really bad feeling but we're okay and that's the most important thing. >> yeah. the fire started on the upper level of the about. the cause is still under investigation. the fire started on the upper level of the building. tax time is still a few months away but there are already changes coming along that could force people in the bay area to pay more. cbs 5 political reporter grace lee takes a look at how changes to the tax laws will impact you. >> reporter: tax changes are adding up and it could cost you a lot. governor brown's proposition 30 raised state income tax on those with a taxable income of $250,000 or more to pay for schools and universities. what you might not know is that it's retroactive meaning if you fall in that bracket, the bill is due this coming april. >> i think there's going to be a few people who will be
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surprised but there was really nothing you could do plan for it. the election determined whether or not this was going to happen. >> reporter: accountants say for a married couple making $250,000 and filing separately it will cost you about $250. it's not a huge bill but in the bay area where real estate is higher and the cost of living is greater, for most households, disposable income is smaller and every dollar counts. >> this is the type of thing that affects us here. yeah. this is a lot more than it would somewhere else. >> we're feeling squeezed no matter what. and that's what's causing a lot of people to be upset. this tax increase is just one other factor. >> reporter: it's not just prop 30 we have to worry about. if congress does not reform taxes and avoid the "fiscal cliff" that's scheduled at the end of the year, your tax bill could rise by the thousands. in years past, congress exempted most middle class and low-income families from something called the
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alternative minimum tax. if they don't renew that exemption, a family with two children making $90,000 a year could owe an extra $3,000 in taxes. >> we are going to see a lot of everyday people get caught. >> reporter: also on the chopping block a tuition credit for parents who have kids in college. in certain brackets if you have two students paying tuition you could lose a $5,000 credit. that's five grand out of your spending money. >> plan for difficult times because the taxes will go up and so what do you do? if you are spending every dollar that you're making right now and your taxes go up, do you go in debt or do you adjust what you're spending? >> reporter: grace lee, cbs 5. >> comings has until the end of the year to solve the probable -- congress has until the end of the year to solve the problems but uncertainty is affecting almost everybody. >> wall street will have a light trading session. the closing bell will ring at
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10:00 this morning our time 3 hours earlier than usual. stocks closed higher on wednesday. they are on track for solid gains for the week. and the time right now 4:41. it's 19 minutes before 5:00. drivers wanted. how you can help deliver joy to our bay area seniors. >> from electric to exotic some of the modems on display at the bay area's biggest auto show. >> ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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in the tree? this was no laughing matter for a georga man. his indoor cat named cf was stuck up this pole for e you heard the one about the cat up the tree? this was no laughing matter for a georgia man. his indoor cat named cliff was stuck up a pole for three days after a pack of dogs chased it up there. utility crews coaxed it down. after the rescue cliff ran straight to his food bowl. which is what i do when i have been stuck up a pole. >> of course. right? [ laughter ] >> no kidding. some of you might have a shopping list that includes something big with four wheels. >> yeah. you might want to go to san francisco's moscone center in the next few days. if you do, the 55th annual international auto show runs through monday. there are plenty of special exhibits for you. and you have the chance to see the new 2013 models all in one place.
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>> americans are an automobile society. we love our cars. we always have. >> this is a chance for you to able to choose. >> you're not here because you want to buy a car. >> it gives us ideas what's on the market and what we can look forward to. >> the auto show opens at 10 a.m. through monday. admission is $9, free for children $12 and under. >> who was out there yesterday? >> willie mays ? >> no, lawrence karnow! >> pretty close. [ laughter ] >> very, very close. it was neat, though. i mean, all these cars, got to sit in some of them. you saw my car i loved the most only $250,000. >> you could afford that. >> oh, sure. i don't know what would you do with a car like that. drive it to the store? >> yes! you drive it to the gas station, you drive it to the grocery store. why not? >> with a mercedes sls? that was something else. folks, around the bay area today we have some sunshine couple of patches of clouds moving through. some ground fog in some of the valleys but that's going to break up. we are going to see some
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sunshine by the afternoon. high pressure is taking over. looking to stick around for a little bit. it's chilly inland. those temperatures dropping off in the low 40s, maybe even 30s early to start this morning. 50s approaching the coastline. this afternoon, mostly sunny skies around the bay area, temperatures expected to be in the 60s, even some low 70s showing up in the valleys. so if you plan on traveling around the state, watch out. we are seeing some dense tule fog as you make your way into the central valley especially down toward fresno. it's thick this morning but this afternoon it should break up a little bit. high pressure in control now and it looks like it's going to stick around today and through the weekend too. that means some great weather come our way. dense fog early on in the morning hours in some of the valleys here, maybe a few high clouds continuing to move across our skies. otherwise, lots of sunshine into the afternoon. and some pretty fair weather as we head in throughout the weekend. temperatures are expected to be very mild this afternoon. plan on 68 in san jose, 70 in morgan hill, 68 redwood city, east bay numbers getting near 70 degrees in livermore today,
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68 sunny in pleasanton and 67- degree in the napa valley. inside the bay temperatures in the 60s. so great weather ahead for today and the weekend. looks like it will stay dry for at least the next five days but then starting to get a hint that we may see the rain making a return toward the middle of next week and that makes you excited. >> i know. it usually makes for a quite busy traffic day. today would not be one of those days. everything actually looks great on the roads. we'll show you some of our live traffic cameras. here's a live look at the dublin interchange. westbound 580 just check that drive time from the altamont pass towards pleasanton. 15 minutes. so so far, so good if you're heading and getting an early start by paragon outlets in livermore. elsewhere, towards the bay bridge, we are hearing about the bay bridge toll plaza, everything good in the commute direction. down towards the peninsula, so far 101 is pretty free and clear all the way past sfo. to our other maps and live traffic cameras. i mentioned an incident on the road, a traffic light fell and it is still partially blocking
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that off-ramp northbound 680 off towards eastbound landis avenue. apparently it may -- landess avenue. not seeing any slowing on the sensors in the area. that's a live drive time sensor. across the golden gate bridge a couple of cars heading towards our camera and coming into san francisco. a former moraga school board president explains his decision to resign 24 hours after he was re-elected. he tells la miranda weekly the decision to step down was painful. he didn't elaborate. the newspaper. >> reporter: that he may have a conflict of interest. a santa cruz man couldn't believe what he was seeing as he was getting ready for thanksgiving so tony williams grabbed his camera and shot video of a fight going on in a vacant parking lot right across
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the street from him. a man was fighting with a police officer as you can see. williams said it got so bad that at one point he feared the man was going to get his hands on the officer's gun. >> he was looking for the kill. once i saw him have his hand on his gun, i actually got really worried. and i wanted to run across the street right away and help him out was my first instinct. >> the fight started when the officer tried to arrest the man for an assault. it ended after the officer pepper sprayed the suspect and backup then arrived. the officer has some bumps and bruises will be will be okay. >> wow. new this morning, dozens of people have lost their homes after a thanksgiving night fire at an ohio condominium complex. lucas county authorities say the fire broke out just after 7:00 last night. nobody was injured. the building appears to be a total loss. and no word on a possible cause there. highway nightmare for hundreds caught up in a major
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pile-up in texas. more than 140 cars and trucks lay twisted and broken near beaumont, texas yesterday littering interstate 10 about 80 miles east of houston. the huge crash happened as holiday drivers tried to navigate dense fog without slowing down. at least two people died. more than 80 people were hurt. several critically. a lot of people aren't visiting family this thanksgiving holiday weekend. in fact, they won't even be leaving home. thousands of homebound seniors are getting their meals delivered right to their doors. cbs 5's frank mallicoat reports the demand for meals on wheels has quadrupled in one bay area county. >> some of them don't eat pork. some low sodium. whatever they need for their diet. >> reporter: this is a holiday delivery but these boxes don't hold the latest toys or electronics. >> they have mashed potatoes, string beans and a veal stuffed with stuffing. >> reporter: they contain food for nearly 800 contra costa county seniors who can't drive and who depend on meals on
4:50 am
wheels to keep the hunger at bay. >> a lot of clients receive the meal and they will split it in half and take part for their lunch and part for their evening meal. and that's all they eat all day. >> we're going to deliver meals on wheels. >> reporter: volunteers like tanner and his granddad are helping serve 50 routes five days a week but there aren't enough volunteers to meet the need. >> there are people waiting months which is tragic. that means we need to get regular drivers and we need substitutes. >> reporter: volunteer roberto is one of the regular 200 or so active volunteer drivers the agency has right now. the need is greatest in east contra costa county. meals on wheels says it's short nearly three dozen drivers to serve clients in pittsburg, antioch and bay point which led to a list of over 100 seniors still waiting for meals. >> they give you enough. they give you enough food. >> two hours one day a week is not too much. i could spend that i suppose at
4:51 am
a hairdresser or getting my nails done. >> reporter: tasks that roberto says aren't nearly as rewarding as making sure clients like nancy get the food they need year round. >> not just at the holiday time. midsummer, early spring. people still need the food and our seniors are the ones that we tend to forget. >> reporter: nobody is forgotten on thanksgiving. on holidays, the folks on meals on wheels they team up with the salvation army to make sure all these meals get delivered to needy seniors here in san francisco. now, the big hope is that more people step up year round to help out the good of the cause. in san francisco, i'm frank mallicoat, cbs 5. hey, need another driver! call it holiday therapy. >> four-legged friends ready to relieve all that stress from shopping. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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all right. looking for something to do? how about the holiday ice ripping this weekend? looking good at the embarcadero center. nice and sunny, temperatures about 65 degrees. and we are hearing the crowds are already starting to get pretty busy over at westfield mall in san francisco. so if you are heading out this morning, here's what it looks like in some bay area roads. so far, you're looking good if you are crossing the golden gate, the bay bridge or the san mateo bridge. coming up, full look at your "timesaver traffic" just a few minutes away. all right. thank you, elizabeth. a san francisco holiday tradition will be repeated tonight. >> the lights will go on on macy's 83-foot tree in union square, the 23rd annual tree lighting ceremony. it's expected at about 6:40 tonight. entertainment would include singers chris mann and shelby
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miguel and the glide ensemble from the san francisco school the arts. gorgeous. in the east bay, holiday therapy thanks to some four- legged friends. starting at noon at tony la russa's animal rescue foundation in walnut creek the pet hug path will be out and about. the therapy animals can relieve stress for all those holiday shoppers out there. it's part of a holiday pet food drive at the foundation on mitchell drive. there's a new addition to the burlingame police force. meet gus, the first day on the job with his handler officer steve vega was on monday. they recently completed a four- week training. gus is one of two k-9 teams added to the department and donations from burlingame residents made the k-9 teams a reality. >> a little programming note. the cbs special person to person with charlie rose and lara logan airs tonight. one of the guest stars, new orleans saints quarterback drew brees. >> he is a great guy first of all and that he clearly is a
4:56 am
football hero who feels that his celebrity should be used for good things and he has been part of the rebuilding of new orleans and obviously because of the super bowl is a huge hero down there. >> drew is going to be joined by his wife, other guests including sean penn, olympic gold medallest gabby douglas and alisha keys. you can catch person to person tonight at 10:00 here on cbs 5. it is 4:56 right now. a new attack along the gaza border threatens a fragile truce. >> and bringing scattered families together during the holidays. the digital solution that goes beyond skype. >> and we are live at the paragon outlet mall in livermore where shoppers have wasted no time cashing in on those holiday deals. we'll tell you what they are shopping for when we return. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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days of the year. their demands before management..s cross picket line walmart workers walking out on one of the biggest shopping days of the year. their demands before management as shoppers cross picket lines today. >> one major retailer going against the trend didn't even open its doors until just a couple of minutes ago for those black friday deals. i'll talk more with that coming up. >> a little chilly out the door this morning. lots of sunshine coming our way. will it hold for the weekend? we'll talk about that coming up. >> extra light on the roads so far on this black friday. coming up, we'll take a check of the commute heading towards bay area malls and mass transit. >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald. good morning, it's friday, november 23rd. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm brian hackney. frank knows what's good for him he is sleeping right now. time now 5:00. the die-hard black friday shoppers might be finishing up by now after spending the night in the stores. >> we have live team coverage of the black friday action but we start in livermore with cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran at paragon outlet. a pretty new

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